1 in 4 is an atheist One in four people in Washington state are without religion (and 1 in 4 Seattleites are atheists). Many of your friends, your family, and your coworkers are atheists. We help build your bridges, deliver your mail, and heal you when you're sick. Whether you realize it or not, you know plenty of atheists. We'd like to be open about who we are. An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in a god. So open up, come out, and get to know us.

Atheists want an equal place at the table. While we do our part within society, we don't always get the same consideration in return. We hear, "This is a Christian nation and if you don't like it, move." Some risk their jobs by revealing who they are, and some risk ostracism and the loss of their family or community. Some are bullied or discriminated against within schools or by the military. Seeing this, many atheists remain silent. Many churchgoers are among these silent atheists. So, what can we do?

1 in 4 is an atheistWe are good without god. We are kind without religion. Atheists get their morals from the same place religious people do: from the societies we live in. We evolved as social creatures and we've had to learn to live together. Our inherent compassion, altruism, and solidarity come from our desire to be good neighbors.

We only have this one short life. Religious believers sometimes imagine that the atheist's worldview is sad or empty. When you die … you just die. No eternity basking in God's love. Atheists actually see things the other way around. We are the ones who live in the here and now. We realize that life is too short. We want to live every day to the fullest, and improve life for others while we can.

1 in 4 is an atheist

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1 in 4 is an atheist

If you're an atheist, speak out! It can be as simple as changing your Facebook profile. Don't hide your non-belief, and don't let theists speak for you. Politely make your presence known. The biggest factor in social acceptance of atheists is simply knowing one of us. But whether or not you feel comfortable making your atheism public, come to a Seattle Atheists meeting. It's a safe place to speak your mind, and you'll be with like-minded people.

1 in 4 is an atheist

If you're a person of faith, understand that atheists are your fellow citizens and co-workers. If you open meetings with a prayer or use a religious symbol on your company's website, understand that it can make employees and customers feel unwelcome, even if that's not your intent. It's not hard to be inclusive. We probably have more in common than you'd think.